Our C&K Affiliation

At Kenmore West Kindergarten, we are a C&K affiliated kindergarten and have been operating since 1972.

As a C&K affiliated kindy, we have access to a range of resources that help us continue to deliver high-quality childhood education programs to our 4069 and surrounding community.

Benefits we gain as an affiliated C&K kindergarten include:

  • Professional development: C&K offers ongoing training and development opportunities to educators to enhance their skills and knowledge, which translates into better educational experiences for children.
  • Curriculum support: C&K provides a comprehensive curriculum framework called “Listening and Learning Together” that guides educators in planning and delivering high-quality early learning programs.
  • Policies and procedures: C&K has a range of policies and procedures to support educators and families in providing the highest quality education and care. These policies are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date and comply with legislation. For more information on C&K policies and procedures click here or ask one of our Directors.
  • Brand recognition: Being affiliated with C&K provides our kindy with access to the C&K brand, which is recognised as a leader in early childhood education and care.

Overall, being affiliated with C&K provides Kenmore West Kindergarten with valuable resources and support to ensure we can continue to provide high-quality early learning experiences to children and families.


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