What to bring

Often parents are unsure of what their child needs to bring when attending kindy.

So, we share a list of helpful items to bring for your child’s kindy day:
  • Backpack large enough to carry sheets, lunch box, library book etc. but small enough to be handled easily by your child
  • Healthy lunch in a lunch box – lunch boxes need to be removed from insulated containers when stored in the refrigerator
  • Morning tea in a separate named container
  • Unbreakable cup with a handle (kept at kindy)
  • Sunglasses (if required)
  • Spare set of clothes
  • Small cushion for rest time (optional)
  • A framed family photo – this helps to create a homely and secure environment for your child
  • Broad brimmed or legionnaires hat
  • Set of sheets in a sheet bag – this can be made to pattern or purchased at our kindy
  • Small hand towel/washer with a loop that enables it to be placed on a hook
  • Library bag
  • Raincoat, gum boots and umbrella for those rainy days
All items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. For more information you can view our Kindy Handbook.


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