Our approach to curriculum (educational program) is born out of a long held tradition of early childhood philosophy and practice, and is supported by contemporary international and national research and theoretical perspectives around children’s learning, health and wellbeing.

At Kenmore West Kindy we value and respect children as competent and capable learners. We work alongside your child to actively encourage and support them in the learning process.

We implement an integrated, negotiated and emergent curriculum. Our environment is a democratic environment where all members of the community – children, teachers and parents have the opportunity to be part of curriculum decision-making processes.

Curriculum refers to… all the interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s wellbeing, learning and development.

 (Early Years Learning Framework)

The educators at Kenmore West Kindergarten engage in conversations and reflect with children to inform curriculum development. They respond to children’s play and ideas through participation, listening, planned and informal exchanges and during individual, small or whole group conversations.

Children have the opportunity to design their own learning environments. They have access to a variety of resources and open-ended materials to support their interests, play and projects.

Our curriculum focuses around the following:

  • Building and Supporting positive relationships and behaviours
  • Building and Supporting independence and emotional resilience
  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • Self Expression through the arts
  • Education for Sustainability
  • Health and Physical Wellbeing
  • Learning with Technology

Documenting Children’s learning

There are various methods and tools we use to document children’s play and learning, develop curriculum possibilities and communicate their learning in the program. Each child has their own individual portfolio. We strive to make your child’s experiences visible to you by capturing their thinking and learning in portfolios. These are more than a memory or keepsake of your child’s time at our centre. They provide an insight into your child’s learning, as well as making the quality of our teaching practice evident to you.