Mission Statement

Image courtesy of Lynda Coulson

At C&K Kenmore West Kindergarten our aim is to provide a healthy, happy and positive learning environment. Our culture will support and nurture a community of reflective learners who are passionate, respectful, responsible and active citizens. Members of the Kenmore West Kindergarten community are confident and competent and possess the necessary skills for lifelong learning.

Kenmore West Kindergarten strives to build a democratic environment where all members of the community are values and have the opportunity to negotiate, collaborate and contribute in decision-making processes. It is imperative that positive, trusting, respectful relationships are established with individuals of all ages, social and cultural backgrounds whilst promoting social justice and equity at all times.

At Kenmore West Kindergarten we embraced every child’s individual needs, strengths and interests and provide an educational environment that fosters each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, creative, spiritual and physical development.