Program Goals

At C&K Kenmore West Kindergarten and Preschool, your child will:

  • Grow in confidence and independence as they participate as active citizens; negotiating their learning and contributing to curriculum decision making processes
  • Have opportunities to engage in critical inquiry, question, co-construct knowledge, take risks, create, imagine, explore, investigate, experiment, test theories, problem solve and communicate
  • Be immersed in an environment rich in opportunities and experiences for early literacy and numeracy learning
  • Express creativity and ideas through a range of visual arts experiences
  • Have opportunities to develop and refine gross and fine motor skills
  • Have opportunities to engage with a range of information and communication technologies in meaningful and relevant experiences
  • Participate in a range of performing arts experiences (music, dance, creative movement, drama)
  • Have opportunities to develop relaxation techniques through yoga, gentle games, breathing exercises, stories, visualisations
  • Explore feelings, emotions, friendships and social justice issues through their interactions with all members of the community in a safe and supportive environment
  • Be guided and supported to problem solve and negotiate social and emotional challenges – developing skills in confidence, persistence, organisation, respectful cooperation and emotional resilience
  • Have opportunities to connect with nature, learn about our environment, our impact upon it and develop the relevant skills to act for the improvement of our environment. The children will participate in learning experiences that empower them as active citizens for a sustainable future