Our Community

At Kenmore West Kindergarten we are a not-for-profit community kindergarten which has been operating since 1972 within Brisbane’s 4069 and western suburbs community.

Why Community Kindy?

By being a ‘community kindergarten’ we offer many benefits to families seeking an early learning centre that builds strong connections and focuses on quality learning and development over profits.

Some of the key benefits of our community kindergarten provides over for-profit centres are:

  • We are truly focused on children’s education and providing a high quality learning experience with qualified and experienced educators.
  • We reinvest all profits back into our kindy to improve facilities, programs and resources, rather than paying dividends to shareholders or owners.
  • We have strong community ties and actively work to be involved and part of the local community
  • We offer affordable fees and government subsidies to families making early childhood education more accessible to families who may not be able to afford the high costs of for-profit childcare centres
  • We have a child-oriented approach where we focus on each individual child’s needs, interests and abilities, rather than trying to fit them into a standardised curriculum.

Parent Involvement & Committee

As a community kindergarten, parent participation is a vital part of attending Kenmore West Kindy. We do rely on the support of our parents to help run and maintain the operations of the kindergarten.

There are various ways our current families can get involved including taking up a Management Committee position and/or volunteering their time at kindy events, fundraisers, library, daily parent roster and working bees.

Without the help of our parents we wouldn’t be able to operate.

Find out more about our Management Committee here.

Sponsors & Donors

As a community kindergarten we work closely with and rely on our community’s support, resulting in KWK having strong links and exposure to local families, government and businesses in 4069 and surrounding areas.

So, we offer businesses a rare and highly targeted opportunity to promote their goods and services to local families in the Kenmore, Brookfield, Upper Brookfield, Pinjarra Hills, Pullenvale, Fig Tree Pocket, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.

We do this through offering a range of sponsorship arrangements to businesses on both an annual and ad-hoc basis, which features varying advertising and marketing touch points for them to utilise.

Find out more about our Kenmore West Kindy Sponsorship Program.

Meet The Team

Find out more about our friendly, supportive and experienced staff/teaching team.

Parent Feedback

Read what our families thought about their experience at Kenmore West Kindy.

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