Hello Africa Drumming Workshop

Our Kenmore West Kindergarten (KWK) children had an absolute ball when Sunday Ali and his team from Hello Africa dropped by for a special African Drumming workshop.

The kids got to experience a lively introduction to African culture and lifestyle – where they played the drums, sang traditional songs and even learned the skill/art of carrying groceries on their heads.

It was a fun-filled learning session where the Hello Africa team was able to teach and demonstrate to our kindy kids the difference between African and Australian culture through such activities as:

  • Playing energetic tribal music and dance
  • Telling stories from their own lives in Africa
  • Showcasing traditional dress

Overall, it was a wonderfully fun, energetic and uplifting workshop. It was great to see the children have the opportunity to play a variety of African percussion instruments. They also were able to learn about the culture and traditions of Sunday’s African village in Nigeria.

A special learning experience for KWK that promoted connectedness, diversity and physical wellbeing.

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