An exceptional kindy program, that is heavily play based and supports the children’s ideas and individual creativity.


We have been to several kindy while our kids have been growing up due to moves etc and this kindy has been an absolute standout. Fantastic! Great experience! 

We have had an amazing year at kindy. My son has grown so much over the year and with guidance has developed into a caring, social boy who knows how to express himself appropriately. This kindy sets an exceptionally high standard in all areas. Thank you !!!


The directors, teachers, and staff are wonderful! Kenmore West is an exceptional kindy. They are engaging, positive and supportive. They give our children incredible opportunities to learn. We could not be happier or more grateful! 

Our introverted, cautious child has developed positive relationships and confidence throughout his time at Kenmore West Kindy. Rob and Sandi are responsive to his needs and use just the right balance of encouragement and patience (respecting his readiness) to allow him to thrive. Thank you. 


Rob and Sandi are true legends of children care. I truly value their input into raising our son. Our son has benefited immensely from being a part of Kenmore West Kindy. 

I believe Kenmore West Kindy is a most amazing service. The learning environment and staff are of the highest quality to support respectful, imaginative, creative and meaningful play. I know my child is being encouraged and developed in all areas especially in her independence. 


Kenmore West Kindy is an outstanding organisation. The professionalism and quality of care from all staff is exceptional and they should be congratulated on a wonderful kindy.


This environment you provide for our children is precious and above and beyond conventional standards. The love and thought you put into your kindy is unparalleled and a gift to all who enter the doors.


Thank you for helping develop our little shy girl into a school ready more confident ‘big girl’. The change has been enormous.


A beautiful team of teachers who make it such a second home for our children.


I am very grateful to Natasha and Sandy, our two wonderful teachers at Kenmore West Kindy for providing a happy and nurturing environment for my daughter. Her experience has been extremely positive and I have enjoyed watching her grow into a confident little girl. This is a beautiful environment for any child getting ready to enter the now tough and challenging prep year and I am thankful my daughter has experienced her kindy year at Kenmore West.


 Kenmore West is truly a magical place for our children where they feel welcome, inspired and nurtured. I cannot thank Tash and Sandy enough for all that they do for my child. It has been wonderful to have their genuine, caring, support throughout the year as my child has grown into a confident little person ready for school.

The parents of Kenmore West are actively involved in maintaining and improving the centre. Kenmore West is a warm, friendly and happy place that offers everything I could hope for my child during their Pre-Prep year.


 Thank you to the wonderful staff who are outstanding educators for our Pre-Prep children. Thank you for the learning and growth opportunities in such a wonderful environment – both physically and emotionally.


 An absolutely beautiful environment. The quality of the learning available for children at the service. – aboriginal drawing, playing in the jungle, the police station to name just a few I saw in 30 minutes at the kindergarten. Very knowledgeable staff who are prepared to advocate for children.  I came away from the service with a a great feeling of joy, and  thinking about who I knew in the area that I could recommend the service to.  (I can think of one so far.)

C&K Business Operations Consultant