Reptile Adventures Visit Ignites Curiosity and Learning

At Kenmore West Kindy, we’re dedicated to providing enriching experiences that spark curiosity, foster learning, and align with our program goals and curriculum.

Recently, we had an incredible visit from Reptile Adventures, and it was an absolute delight for our kindy kids.

Our program is designed to nurture holistic development, cultivate a love for learning, and foster a deep connection with the natural world. And, this reptile encounter experience perfectly encompassed these goals, offering our children:

Hands-on Learning: With Claudine from Reptile Adventures as their guide, our little ones had the chance to explore and interact with a captivating array of reptiles. From Timmy, the river turtle, to Zeus, the black-headed python, each encounter ignited wonder and curiosity. Through these interactions, our children learned about the unique features, habitats, and behaviours of these fascinating creatures.

Connection with Nature: We believe in the power of connecting with the natural world, and the reptile adventure provided an extraordinary opportunity for our children to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for reptiles and their role in our ecosystem. Observing their vibrant colours, intriguing textures, and captivating behaviours allowed our kindy kids to witness the wonders of the animal kingdom firsthand.

Encouraging Exploration: At KWK, we encourage our little explorers to follow their curiosity and investigate their interests. The reptile encounter created a safe and supportive environment for our children to ask questions, share observations, and deepen their understanding of the reptile world. It was truly inspiring to witness our kids develop critical thinking skills, expand their knowledge, and nurture their innate curiosity.

Respect for Living Beings: Interacting with the reptiles not only provided an educational experience but also fostered empathy, kindness, and respect for all living beings. Our children learned about the habitats, diets, and self-protective mechanisms of these fascinating creatures. This encounter nurtured a sense of compassion and a profound connection with the natural world.

The visit from Reptile Adventures was an unforgettable learning experience for our kindy kids – the excitement and enthusiasm they displayed throughout the session was truly heartwarming.

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