Playground Offers Valuable Learning Opportunities

At Kenmore West Kindergarten our sprawling playground is a showstopper for our kindy families and kids.

Over the years, we’ve be fortunate to have a few new play equipment additions added, which the kindy kids are absolutely enjoying.

This continues to be a wonderful addition to our playground area and has been funded by the Department of Education and constructed by AustekPlay.

We’ve noticed several features of the play equipment present the children with significant physical challenges.

These challenges provide a valuable opportunity to not only develop their physical skills but also skills of perseverance and the ability to try and try again until they master a task.

From monkey bars, a climbing wall, jumping platform, slides, cubby areas, hammock swing, various viewing points, a climbing frame and more.

It’s easy to see why our kindy kids enjoy spending their outdoor play time exploring, discovering and growing with confidence in this space.

Here’s a look at the playground area at Kenmore West Kindy, which is naturally a firm favourite outdoor play and learning area for our kindy kids:

Kenmore West Kindy - playground with plenty of learning opportunities Kenmore West Kindy - playground with lots of equipment and spaceKenmore Kindy - Playground

Kenmore West Kindergarten (KWK) is a not-for-profit community kindy who are proudly affiliated with C&K, and offers a high quality educational program with a strong focus on community and the natural environment. 

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