Celebrating Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is a special time of the year, not only because of its astrological importance but it’s also a reminder for families to slow down, appreciate nature and to fill their homes with light, laughter, friends, food and warm fires.

At Kenmore West Kindergarten we love to celebrate the winter solstice and all that it represents.

We do this by bringing our kindy community together in June for an evening full of fun and festivities as we celebrate the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

Kenmore Kindergarten - Celebrate Winter Solstice

This is known as our Annual Winter Solstice Celebration where each year we invite our kindy families to spend an evening enjoying the solstice amongst the beautiful natural surroundings of our kindergarten.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity for our kindy kids to learn more about what the winter solstice is and to get them embracing their arts and craft side by making their own DIY winter solstice lantern in the lead up to the evening.

Kenmore West Kindergarten - DIY Winter Solstice Kids Lanterns

On the night, our Kenmore kindergarten lights up with activity as our families catch-up after another busy term, and enjoy a deliciously cooked sausage sizzle, refreshing drinks and gather by the outdoor firepit toasting marshmallows.

Once the sun sets our kindy kids are excited to showcase their decorated lanterns, lining up for a special lantern parade walk around the kindy grounds, before everyone settles in for a fun outdoor movie session under the winter stars and moon.

Kenmore Kindy - Winter Solstice Kids Lantern

It’s simply a magical evening for our entire kindy community.

Here’s a sneak peek of what our Annual Winter Solstice Celebration is like at Kenmore West Kindergarten:

So, if you’re looking to celebrate the winter solstice with your family, like we enjoy doing at Kenmore West Kindergarten, below are some easy tips.

5 Simple Ways To Celebrate Winter Solstice For Families

  1. Prepare a delicious solstice meal – why not cook some of your family’s favourite winter dishes, and finish the meal with a sweet and traditional Yule Log Cake dessert.
  2. Gather by the fire – if indoors why not gather safely by the fireplace and enjoy its warmth and read a story together. Otherwise, if outdoors why not rug up and toast marshmallows on a fire-pit.
  3. Watch the sunset – taking in the last rays of the sun, especially during the winter solstice is a must. So, why not pack a picnic and a rug, and watch the sunset with friends and family.
  4. Decorate the backyard – this is a great indoor and outdoor activity. Why not spend an afternoon making and decorating a simple bird feeder (e.g this could be out of a milk or juice carton), fill it up with seeds and share it with the winter animals and birds in your backyard.
  5. Make a DIY winter solstice lantern – children love to express their arts and craft side. And, creating a DIY up-cycled winter solstice lantern is a fun and easy activity for kids. All you need is a clean plastic 2-litre milk bottle, pipe cleaners for the handle, tape, colouring pens to decorate the outside, a tea light to go inside and assistance from an adult with cutting/putting it together.

Kenmore Kindergarten - Winter Solstice Fire

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